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Jul 30-Aug 1


Otter Creek Dressage Fest I & II Wheeler, WI

Jul 31-Aug 1


BV Dressage at the Fairgrounds I & II Longmont, CO

Jul 31-Aug 1


Avalon Farm Breed Show I & II North Salem, NY

Jul 31-Aug 1


MLEC Two Rivers Dressage Classic I & II Cumming, IA

Aug 1


Dressage Experience at Horse Park of New Jersey Allentown, NJ

Aug 4


Connecticut Dressage Association Dressage Show Lebanon, CT

Aug 5-7


Sorensen Park Dressage August I & II East Troy, WI

Aug 6-8


Dressage at Waterloo August Grass Lake, MI

Aug 7-8


Dressage at Kirby Hill Pawling, NY

Aug 7-8


The Bear Spot Foundation Dressage Benefit I & II Concord, MA

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  • has been processing online entries for dressage shows since 2004.
  • You decide which payment methods to accept: credit cards, checks, PayPal, or other.
  • No merchant account is required, but payments can be processed through your own merchant account or PayPal account.
  • supports CDIs, regional championships, DSHB shows, schooling shows, and team competitions.


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